Parade Float Deco-Puffs / Pomps

Tissue Deco-Puffs are 5 1/2 inch X 5 1/2 inch squares that come in packages of 300 sheets. Deco-Puffs work great for school groups or other large groups that have plenty of help, where everyone can have a job of decorating the float. Unique designs and lettering can be created with various colors of Deco-Puffs! It is best to apply the Deco-Puffs to chicken wire by covering the wire with a water diluted mixture school glue so they stay in place. Cheaper hairspray has also been known to keep puffs in place! Each package will cover approximately 2 square feet when tissue squares are placed in nearly every opening of 1″ chicken wire.

NOTE: Deco-puffs are being discontinued.  Our wholesale prices continue to climb at an unrealistic rate and shipments from the manufacturer are seldom timely nor accurate.  The product is not economical to use, based on costing other decorative products, such as Floral Sheeting.  And, unlike Floral Sheeting, Deco-Puffs are not weather-proof.  We at have done our best to provide this product in a timely manner to our customers over the last few years in spite of all the issues we’ve had with maintaining inventory levels.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We will update our inventory as the product is sold from our store.  

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