Measure Your Float

For Floral or Vinyl Sheeting, determine the surface area of the top of the float by measuring and multiplying the length X width (in feet), then divide by 9. Repeat this procedure for the sides, ends and props. For example, if your float is 8 ft. wide and 20 ft. long, you would multiply 8 X 20 = 160 square feet. A square yard covers 9 feet. Dividing 160 by 9 would give you 17.78. Round up so you don't short yourself on coverage  keep in mind it is best to purchase a little extra material for spicing or overlap.

When determining the amount of Fringe or Festooning you need, just measure in feet the length of areas of your float you wish to outline.

To outline an 8 ft. by 20 ft. float bed in metallic fringe and festoon, you'd need to buy 6 sections of 15" fringe and 4 sections of festoon.

Remember, 15" drop vinyl or metallic fringe is produced in sections 10 ft. long. Festoon is produced in 15' metallic or 25' long vinyl sections. The 30" drop metallic fringe is sold in 14 ft. long sections.

Deco-Puffs cover approximately 1-2 square feet of surface area, depending on how thick the tissue product is applied.  Generally, measure the surface area to be covered in feet.  The total can be used as the amound of packages of Deco-Puffs needed or you can divide the total by 1.5 or 2, depending on how thick of coverage is desired.  As a general rule, most customers use 1 package of Deco-Puffs per every 1.5 square feet of surface area.